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  • WEEK 10 | Friday, 23 March 2018
    Iván Lowenberg Wins at the Winter Film Awards: 

    Iván Lowenberg Wins at the Winter Film Awards

    La castración, by CENTRO graduate Iván Lowenberg, has been awarded the prize for “Best Foreign Film” at the Winter Film Awards in New York.

    Both directed and written by Lowenberg, an alumnus of the CENTRO Bachelor’s degree in Film and Television program, La castración is a drama that deals with the issue of living for oneself or for others, while being careful not to disregard people’s intimate, individual frustrations.

    Lourdes is nearly 24 and works in a casting agency at the same time she takes care of her invalid father, since her mother left them without any explanation. She’s something of an oddball for her age and—despite guidance from her best friend, Victoria—she’s never been kissed or had a boyfriend…or had anything. One day her mother comes home and begins opening old wounds.

    “I am so pleased with this prize, above all because it means the film managed to connect with audiences despite the language and cultural barriers that might have been there. The audience reaction was especially warm,” comments Lowenberg with regard to the film.

    Iván also worked on the production team for the film Martha, directed by Marcelino Islas, another CENTRO graduate, which was a 2011 Venice Film Festival official selection and the only non-European film that competed during Critics’ Week. It was also a winner at the twelfth edition of the Motovum, Croatia Film Festival’s most important cinematographic contest, coming out ahead of films by directors of enormous renown and experience.

    The recognitions are a source of enormous pride to CENTRO and the Mexican Cinema Industry.