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  • WEEK 10 | Friday, 23 March 2018
    Heli, a Film by Amat Escalante, CANNES winner in 2013!: 

    Heli, a Film by Amat Escalante, CANNES winner in 2013!

    Heartfelt congratulations go out to Bachelor’s Degree in Film and Television professor Lorenzo Hagerman, for his participation—as director of photography—on the Mexican film entitled Heli, nominated at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival.

    According to a synopsis published by Mexico’s National Cinema Institute (IMCINE), Heli is the story of a twenty-four-year-old man who lives in a small town in central Mexico’s Bajío region, whose younger sister gets the entire family into terrible trouble.

    Here’s hoping we bring this important prize home!


    ‘Heli’ (2013) Movie Review – Cannes Film Festival

    Innocence corrupted

    By: Kevin Jagernauth

    Published: Wednesday, May 15th 2013

    Cinematographer Lorenzo Hagerman who works with Escalante to create one startlingly composed shot after another, with the camera acting as its own witness (with damned good eye for framing) to the horrors that eventually unfold. You can’t look away, and that’s both because the story is so deliberately riveting, and simply because you might miss the next great shot. (And it should be said, Hagerman introduces hand held shots at moments so seamlessly, and with such little fanfare, one hopes more filmmakers can realize that the technique doesn’t have to feel like you’re rattling around inside the lens).”

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    Hello from Cannes!

    The 66th Cannes Film Festival is aloft

    By Donald Clark

    And we’re off. Today I finally saw an austere realist picture in which — literally, not figuratively — a puppy actually gets strangled to death. We’ve been waiting for this for years and it’s finally here. I will offer a full, less facetious review of &nbspAmat Escalante’s Heli.

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