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  • WEEK 10 | Monday, 19 March 2018


    Admission Examinations


    Licenciatura Degree Programs

    - Interior Architecture

    - Cinema and Television

    - Visual Communications

    - Digital Media Design

    - Industrial Design

    - Textile and Fashion Design

    - Marketing and Advertising

    Exam Dates

    Exam 1 / Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 July 2015

    Exam 2 / Wednesday 15 and Thursday 16 July 2015

    Exam 3 / Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 July 2015

    Exam 4 / Monday 27 and Tuesday 28 July 2015

    Verify in advance which licenciatura degree program applications will be tested.

    Examination Requirements

    Exam inscription requirements are as follows and must be met with/delivered to the Prospective Students and Admissions Department:

    • Complete admissions application

    • Copies of the following:

    • Birth certificate

    • Proof of residence (landline telephone bill, power bill or property tax assessment)

    • Bachillerato, high school or other college preparatory degree. In the event that this level of study has yet to be completed, please bring a transcript that confirms your enrollment-to-date GPA.

    • 5 black and white “infantil” sized photographs of yourself.

    • $1000 MXN examination fee must be paid.

    • The payment may be made in any Mexican bank; please submit deposit receipt (students with 9.0 or equivalent college preparatory GPA are exempt from paying the examination fee).

    Deposits are to be made out to “Centro de Diseño y Comunicación, S.C.” and deposited to

    BANCOMER account number 014-370-53-90.

    If you live outside Mexico’s Federal District, complete your application at www.centro.edu.mx, and e-mail documents and deposit receipt; hand in your five black and white “infantil”-sized photos on the day of the exam.

    * All documents as well as deposit receipts are to be delivered at least five business days prior to taking the admissions examination. Admission examination fee is not refundable. Payments and admissions examination documents apply to the requested examination date only.

    Foreign applicants or those holding foreign bachillerato or other equivalent college preparatory accreditations must:

    • Validate their bachillerato secondary-education transcripts with Mexico’s Ministry of Public Education (acronym in Spanish: SEP; documentation validation is processed at José María Rico 221, Col. del Valle, tel. 3003 6000, México, D.F.)

    • Request student visas necessary to take classes at CENTRO.

    Visas can be requested at Mexico’s national immigration institute, the Instituto Nacional de Migración (located at Ejército Nacional 862, Colonia Polanco, C.P. 11570, Delegación Miguel Hidalgo, México, D.F.), or at the appropriate Mexican diplomatic office in the student’s country of residence.


    The Instituto Nacional de Migración requires approximately thirty days to send entry notices to Mexican Embassies in the nations of residence of those students accepted to the Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión’s licenciatura degree program and initiate immigration status change requests in the country of residence. It is important that foreign students admitted to CENTRO present their student visas no later than 30 days from the beginning of the semester. Failure to present student visas at CENTRO’s Registrar’s Office by the specified date will mean the student CANNOT continue his/her studies at CENTRO.

    Examination Results

    Admissions examinations results for national and foreign applicants as handed down by the Admissions Committee ARE INELIGIBLE FOR APPEAL; results will be communicated using the following terms:


    Applicants who receive a grade of PASS (“APROBADO” in Spanish) may begin studies the same semester for which they applied. The PASS grade will be valid for an academic year.

    Students admitted to CENTRO may only postpone entry by means of a letter addressed to Admissions Department (admisiones@centro.edu.mx) that specifies the semester in which the student wishes to begin his/her studies. The window for delivering such a letter will be thirty business days from the date in which the student receives a PASS grade on his/her examination.

    Applicants admitted to CENTRO must hand in complete original documentation that confirms their having concluded their college preparatory studies by the date specified by the Registrar’s Office and incompletes must be resolved by the beginning the semester. Otherwise the student’s enrollment will be cancelled.

    To be admitted, applicants who receive a grade of PASS must also complete the CENTRO creative laboratory workshop.


    Applicants who receive a grade of FAIL (“NO APROBADO” in Spanish) are allowed to reapply and submit to the admissions process during the following academic term. Under no circumstances can the reapplication process be undertaken during the same academic term or semester.