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  • WEEK 10 | Wednesday, 21 March 2018

    foundation year

    Program description

    The Foundational Year is the period of transition between college preparatory school and university life. It teaches the creative processes and basic knowledge needed for every CENTRO bachelor’s degree program. It is made up of courses and workshops the seven bachelor’s degree programs share and it constitutes each of those degree programs’ first and second semesters.

    It facilitates a comprehensive vision, promotes student involvement, teamwork, research and cultural reference assimilation via analysis and creative-problem solving.

    The seven bachelor’s degrees posit the following as essential educational elements:

    • Interdisciplinary training among the degree programs, understood on various levels ranging from theory to implementation.

    • Inclusive education featuring diversity that crosses design and communication borders.

    • Solutions to concrete problems in an atmosphere where integrated vision and teamwork are promoted.

    • A solid humanist training that implies understanding environments and cultural references.

    • The practical application of theoretical concepts as a means of promoting interest in research and experimentation.

    Upon conclusion of the Foundational Year, CENTRO students will be able to express their creative ideas through textual composition featuring the vocabulary specific to each knowledge area and will differentiate varying manifestations of visual and verbal language; they will also be able to relate historical and cultural factors brought to bear on disciplines within the design and cinema fields. Based on critical thinking, they will be able to satisfactorily carry out projects for whose solutions they will use materials, tools and basic techniques.

    They will be capable of analyzing, forming and categorizing critical judgments based on relationships between different theoretical knowledge and contextual elements drawn from different disciplines they have studied and they will appreciate the cultural and social diversity of their environment.