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  • WEEK 10 | Wednesday, 21 March 2018

    interior architecture

    Program description

    Número de acuerdo RVOE: 20150091

    10 de febrero de 2015

    Secretaría de Educación Pública

    Each of us is sensible to our immediate surroundings. The way an interior is designed and arrayed provokes different sensations from the moment we enter it. An interior architect creates and re-creates spaces in propositional and polyvalent ways, putting knowledge of architecture, color, lighting, ergonomics, functionalities, economic considerations, technology, productivity, uses, aesthetics and visual communications into practice.

    CENTRO’s Interior Architecture licenciatura degree is supported by a multidisciplinary program that incorporates studies in these wide-ranging knowledge areas. Regular, ongoing work on professional projects, as well as contact with experts in the field via conferences and workshops, contribute to our students’ professional training.

    CENTRO Interior Architecture graduates will be able to contribute creative solutions that address technical as well aesthetic questions at the same time they carry out an interior’s applicable functional and spatial program. They will assert a personal style that takes into consideration functional, emotional and communications requirements whose final objective is to create the ideal space as ordered by a human need as basic as that of inhabiting space.

    Year 1

    Students attend core curriculum courses with students from other degree programs, developing basic concepts in conjunction with the fundaments of humanist education to guarantee an interdisciplinary vision.

    Year 2

    Students will undertake their first Interior Architecture designs in habitable and commercial spaces by applying professional knowledge, skills and values.

    Year 3

    Students will seek solutions for both utilitarian and temporary spaces. Additionally, they will be capable of designing prototypical furnishings as well as spaces via models or renderings.

    Year 4

    Year 4 culminates with academic work linked to professional practice. Students will have contact with professional environments in external design firms and will conclude their studies with the development of a thesis project in the final semester.