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  • WEEK 10 | Wednesday, 21 March 2018

    film and television

    Program Description

    Número de acuerdo RVOE: 20150092

    10 de febrero de 2015

    Secretaría de Educación Pública

    The Cinema and Television degree is designed to train professionals and familiarize them with the work tools they need to conceive, design, produce, direct and sell a cinema or television project.

    When students complete the program they will be able to elaborate a discourse that is innovative, intelligent and entirely aware of the audience at which it is aimed, using audiovisual media and with an understanding of the essential technical differences between cinema and television. Students will learn about scripts, directing, production, photography, sound, editing and animation; they will have a clear vision of the marketplace and of financing mechanisms; they will know how to work as part of a team and in an interdisciplinary manner; and they will be connected to private businesses and other entities that produce cinema and television. They will leave the program with both quality material that can be used as a demo as well as a thesis project that demonstrates their creative potential.

    Year 1

    In semester 1, students attend core curriculum courses with students from other degree programs, developing basic concepts in conjunction with the fundaments of humanist education to guarantee an interdisciplinary vision. Semester 2 incorporates shared design/cinema courses as well as coursework specific to each discipline.

    Year 2

    In year 2, students begin discover their individual discourses, will learn how to communicate them, and will put them into perspective. They will begin concrete production work and each shoot will have a specific formal challenge. Exchanges and connections will be established with production entities.

    Year 3

    Institutional and business links will be strengthened to enhance functional knowledge of cinema and television in the work world; as well, students will take part in exchanges with other universities and with students from abroad to realize specific projects and begin to make connections for the future.

    Year 4

    Students will develop their thesis projects according to a supervision and guidance model; complementary coursework will further solidify projects. The finished thesis project is a degree requirement and will serve students as a demo for future employment and continuing education.