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  • WEEK 10 | Tuesday, 20 March 2018

    visual communication

    Program description

    Número de acuerdo RVOE: 20150093

    10 de febrero de 2015

    Secretaría de Educación Pública

    To say today that visual communication is taking on ever greater importance is to ignore the importance it has always had. Humankind’s first known communicative registers are visual. Words as much as images are collections of symbols: letters are signs composed of lines, curves, and closed forms and—just like images—can be represented in a variety of colors, forms and sizes.

    The licenciatura degree in Visual Communications offered at CENTRO has been conceived with an understanding of the fundamental role that language plays in our society. Program graduates will specialize in communication via non-verbal language and will be able to provide solutions for informational, educational or recreational needs in areas as diverse as graphic, digital, editorial and packaging design, cultural diffusion and art direction, among others.

    By means of a multidisciplinary study plan, students will develop a personal and propositional style that takes into account differing social and cultural contexts and will master technical and interpretative abilities as a way of inserting themselves into various visual communications fields.

    Creativity is not a moment—it is a process.

    Year 1

    Students attend core curriculum courses with students from other degree programs, developing basic concepts in conjunction with the fundaments of humanist education to guarantee an interdisciplinary vision.

    Year 2

    Year 2 focuses on exploration by means of the creative process. Ideas become images via abstraction and through synthesis of forms and their content. Students learn to use typography as a key communications element: its analysis and meaning provide the knowledge and skills necessary to design letters.

    Year 3

    Year 3 is focused on production processes and an approach to real-world situations via interdisciplinary workshops and the start of professional practice. The fundaments are established for diverse solutions that address visual communications problems. A wide-ranging perspective is simultaneously cultivated within which different factors and the need for sensitivity to the surrounding environment are considered.

    Year 4

    Students will alternately select paths principally oriented to new media and its frontiers or to more traditional methods. Knowledge and skills afforded by multidisciplinary training allow students to develop individual languages supported by a compromise between market needs, anticipating emerging communications models and high professional standards.