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  • WEEK 10 | Monday, 19 March 2018

    industrial design

    Program description

    Número de acuerdo RVOE: 20150094

    10 de febrero de 2015

    Secretaría de Educación Pública

    Someone designed every manmade thing in the world: furniture, electronic equipment, lighting equipment, sporting goods, medical instruments, at-home utensils, etc. CENTRO’s Industrial Design degree program will develop intellectual, humanist and technical abilities for product design that extend from conception to packaging.

    The Industrial Design licenciatura degree teaches the fundamentals of design through in-depth materials knowledge and experimentation via techniques that range from the artisanal to the semi-industrial, in a specialized workshop equipped with high-tech tools and machinery. Through strict training to master two- and three-dimensional draftsmanship, students will understand the object/space relationship in order to create high-functioning and authentic pieces.

    The degree program promotes constant interdisciplinary work that confers knowledge and allows for creative process exchange from a number of different perspectives. Thanks to numerous projects undertaken in conjunction with industry, when students complete their degrees they will already have a professional portfolio that will notably increase work opportunities in Mexico and abroad.