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  • WEEK 1 | Sunday, 21 January 2018

    entrepeneur center


    The Centro Entrepreneurship Center was founded in 2007 as an initiative to enhance entrepreneurial culture among Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión students. The space was conceived of as a tool that foments and promotes entrepreneurial culture among the university student community.

    As an institution, Centro de Diseño, Cine y Televisión sees its students as a group of talented young people with innovative ideas who take an interest in improving Mexico. As such it offers them access to a space that lets them empower their ideas to become entrepreneurs who create high-value proposals. These proposals improve quality of life in Mexico through the creation of new products and services and, consequently, through job creation.

    The space offers entrepreneurs an ideal environment for creating business ideas and puts the resources and mentoring services they need for their projects’ success within reach.

    We focus on unique business opportunities in which creative talent can be reinforced with management and finance elements, standardization systems and the development of efficient operative structures.

    The CENTRO Entrepreneurship Center was conceived of as an organism that offers mentoring on the part of entrepreneurs with wide-ranging experience in strategic business strategies such as legal, HR, financial, marketing and operations.

    The Entrepreneurship Center offers the following services to the student community:

    Project Management Classes in which students are instructed in the business creation process based on the following model:

    - Identifying business opportunities based on global marketing trends.

    - The development of business models based on the specific needs of a consumer segment.

    - The development of a marketing plan based on a profound market study of both the industry
       and the target consumer.

    - The design of a strategic plan based on a financial model, an operations plan and
       an organizational structure within a protective legal framework.

    - Project financial value modeling when presenting the project to investors.

    Business incubators. In conjunction with the work team headed by Fernando Lelo de Larrea, an entrepreneur with a prolific career in finance, the Entrepreneurship Center offers different services to the entire CENTRO community as a means of supporting entrepreneurial culture:

    - Business consulting with an in-house-designed methodology through which student
       ideas are empowered to become business opportunities.

    - Resources provision through physical spaces, mentoring programs with entrepreneurs who
       enjoy wide-ranging experience in a variety of areas, and connections to other organisms, etc.

    - Relationships with investors and access to government funds.

    Alliances with innovation and business development centers at universities in Mexico and abroad.

    Organizational services for events and conferences in support of entrepreneurial culture:

    - Startup Weekend D.F.

    - Crowdfunding Weekend.

    - Bulbo: Business Plan Contests.

    - Summer Boot Camp. A summer camp to accelerate CENTRO student community entrepreneurial projects in just eight weeks.