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  • WEEK 1 | Friday, 19 January 2018

    academic mobility

    Academic exchange abroad

    Admission procedure

    1. The Academic Mobility process must start at least ten months before the date foreseen for the exchange to take place.(1) To this end, the applicant must inform the Director of the Bachelor Degree he/she is taking, the Academic Affairs Department and the Development and International Relations Department about his/her interest in having an academic exchange.

    (1) Reply time may vary in each institution, so it is desirable to start evaluating the realization of an academic exchange at the beginning of the fourth semester of the Bachelor’s Degree. It is very important to take into account that there is a limited amount of students allowed abroad in each Bachelor’s Degree every semester. This limit is established every period.

    2. The applicant must comply with the following requirements to start the academic exchange abroad process:

    - A minimum grade average of 8.5.

    - Authorization to go on the academic exchange by the Director of the Bachelor Degree

       he/she is studying.

    - Submission of all documents required

    - Accreditation of English language

    - No disciplinary faults

    - Have paid all fees and tuition

    - Have no subject pending at the moment of filling the application

    - Have finished the first five semesters of his/her Bachelor’s Degree when starting

       the exchange period

    3. The Development and International Relations Department will inform the student about the Academic Mobility options considered by CENTRO.

    4. After analyzing the options, the student must select a maximum of two institutions, (2) besides asking for the requirements and procedure for application to do an academic exchange with each of them.

    (2) It is very important to ascertain that there is a collaboration agreement signed by the authorities in CENTRO and in the institution where the academic exchange is expected to take place. It is the responsibility of the applicant to know and respect the provisions stated in the said agreement. In case of an institution with which CENTRO has no agreement, the Development and International Relations Department will establish an outreach with the institution for the exchange to proceed. The application procedure may continue until the said agreement has been signed by both institutions.

    5. The Development and International Relations Department will contact the selected institutions to make sure there is a possibility of academic exchange in the period proposed and will notify the answer to the applicant.

    6. The student, together with the Director of his/her Bachelor’s Degree and the Academic Affairs Department will check the study plan of the institutions he/she is interested in and their compatibility with the academic program of his/her Bachelor’s Degree in CENTRO, with the objective of elaborating a revalidation plan (3) for the subjects to be taken abroad.

    (3) The student must acknowledge that the subjects taken in the target institution are not necessarily revalidated at CENTRO. The revalidation plan must be conducted only for one of the institutions which have confirmed the possibility of exchange.

    7. The solicitor must submit the following documents physically to the Development and International Relations Department and, digitally, to the following address intercambios@centro.edu.mx:

    a. Academic exchange application filled and signed by the student, the Direction

         of the corresponding Bachelor’s Degree and the Academic Affairs Department at CENTRO.

    b. Letter of consent by the student’s parents or guardians stating that they have economic funds

          for the running costs of his/her stay abroad.

    c. All documents required by the target institution.

    8. The Development and International Relations Department will manage the shipment of documents, (4) will follow-up the application and will communicate the results to the student and the areas involved.

    (4) One exchange application per student will be handled each period.

    9. If the applicant is accepted by the target institution, it must send copies of the following documents:

    a. Personal accidents insurance policy with a national or international coverage,

         according to location.

    b. Migration document(s).(5)

    (5) The applicant is responsible of knowing and complying with the requirements for students of his/her nationality in the country in which the institution is located.

    10. The accepted applicant must ask for academic probation in School Services at CENTRO at least three weeks before the beginning of the semester he/she will not study at CENTRO.

    11. The solicitor is responsible for complying with the procedures and dates to attend the institution where the academic exchange will take place.

    12. At the end of the academic exchange period, the student must ask for the transcript of studies conducted in the target institution. The document must be duplicate and on a letterhead or sealed paper by the target institution and must include the list of subjects taken, (6) with the numerical grade earned.

    (6) It is convenient to ask for the study plan of the program taken, including a subject description before the student returns.

    13. On his/her return, the student must ask the Development and International Relations Department at CENTRO, for the format for the elaboration of the Constancy of Studies Equivalence, fill it and obtain the authorization signature at the Direction of his/her Bachelor’s Degree.

    14. The student must deliver the record issued by the target institution and the Constancy of Studies Equivalence to the School Services Department at CENTRO to start the procedure of Studies Equivalence and ask for re-enrollment.

    Download the Application for academic exchange

    Application for academic exchange abroad