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  • WEEK 9 | Saturday, 17 March 2018


    social service

    “University Social Service” is taken to mean students’ completion of temporary activities designed to apply obtained knowledge and implies the use of professional-practice-related activities to benefit society at large or serve its interests.


    - Connect CENTRO to activities Mexico needs.

    - Extend the benefits of science, technique and culture to society.

    - Consolidate students’ academic formation and professional training.

    - Create a sense of solidarity between the service-providerand the community to which he/she belongs.

    Institutions and Reciprocal Agreements

    Information on different institutions with whom reciprocal agreements exist for performing social service can be found on line (see institutions list) or can be requested by e-mail from

    Araceli Salazar Navarrete – asalazarn@centro.edu.mx

    Adriana Ramírez – aramirezo@centro.edu.mx


    - Students must have completed 70% of the credits their degrees require, typically after their seventh semesters.

    - Social Service will consist of 480 work-hours in a period no shorter than six months and no longer than two years. These hours must be accumulated with the same organization, i.e., they are not cumulative across institutions; students who decide to switch organizations must begin accumulating hours from scratch.

    - Activities realized must be related to the student’s bachelor’s degree program.

    Letter of acceptance

    Students should request a letter of acceptance from the institution where they will perform their social service, to be submitted to the Registrar’s Office within a period no longer than ten business days following the academic transcript’s issuance.

    The acceptance letter must comply with the following requirements.

    a)It must be presented on letterhead.

    b) It should be addressed to Araceli Salazar Navarrete, Registrar’s Office Coordinator at Centro de diseño, cine y televisión.

    c)It must feature the name of the student, his/her matriculation and the bachelor’s degree program in which he or she is enrolled.

    d) Provide the name of the program (as necessary) in which the student will participate.

    e)List activities that the student will undertake.

    f) The social service work schedule (an estimate of hours per week).

    g)Service start- and end-dates (480 hours in no fewer than six months and no more than two years).

    h)Name and signature of the authorizing official.