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  • WEEK 1 | Sunday, 21 January 2018


    mission and objectives


    CENTRO is an institution of higher learning that specializes in creative studies, training alongside leading professionals and study programs that strike a careful balance between theory and praxis, talent and discipline, and risk and certainty, with interdisciplinary and enterprising focus. It is a program that is congruent throughout each of its parts, in everything from its physical installations and its people to its content. All elements share the same spirit of redefining creativity’s reach.

    Institutional Goals

    As a center of higher learning, CENTRO assigns a strategic role and particular characteristics to its functional areas: instruction, research, cultural outreach/extension programs and connectivity with the external production apparatus as well as with other institutions.


    We conceive of instructors as facilitators and guides who must focus their efforts on both a formative and an informative process.

    The teaching style CENTRO seeks is personalized and personalizing. That is, instructors respond to students’ characteristics and needs to help them identify their skills and support the development of their potential.

    Course / curriculum content and objectives aim to develop the competencies linked to solution-building in response to problems students face. The intention is to generate and support student autonomy and creative responses.

    Instruction should be based on profound design and communications knowledge whose fundaments are research, critical thinking and striving toward excellence. As well, teaching activity will focus on integrated process understanding via multidisciplinary training that integrates contributions from other disciplines as well as real-world connections as a means of endowing students with the tools they need to respond to institutional, community and business requirements.

    Professors will endeavor that students be able to situate themselves in an historical and cultural context whose specific needs and tendencies will be brought to bear on technique and forms of expression in design as well as in communications.


    CENTRO will drive ongoing research into design and communications needs for communities, businesses and institutions.

    It will constantly analyze design and communications origins, paradigms and concepts as well as new trends in technologies, content and forms of expression that emerge in Mexico and the rest of the world.

    Research will be used to update CENTRO curricula and assist students in accessing both technologies and forms of expression without neglecting knowledge of Mexico’s wide-ranging traditions and cultural expressions—nor their conservation—to offer a national, functional, creative and innovative response to the pressures of globalization.

    Awareness and Extension Programs:

    CENTRO’s goal is to be a landmark entity in design and communications, for which reason it makes a strategic commitment to being an awareness medium about advancements in these areas. Therefore it seeks to make design, cinema and television more accessible to the public at large; conserve popular creativity; and enrich its offering in light of developments in other media. To that end it will sponsor conferences, congresses, fairs, exhibitions, cinema/television reviews and debates. A principal CENTRO interest is that of creating general-public awareness about the importance of design and communications in order to enhance the understanding that these are not only part of daily life but also an integral part of a nation’s cultural production.

    Regarding extension programs CENTRO seeks to create refresher courses and workshops to be offered to the general public as well as shorter-term programs that enhance abilities and knowledge for technicians and professionals in the communications and design worlds. This allows us to fully leverage CENTRO’s infrastructure and make a difference throughout a wider environment.


    Training, research and extension program strategies are to be permanently linked to the needs of society, the external production apparatus and cultural institutions.

    Real projects—related to both production and social service—will be carried out wherein students will apply their abilities to the resolving concrete problems. CENTRO seeks to work with communities.

    It also seeks to stay connected with universities and educational centers, in Mexico and abroad, as well as to institutions connected to the world of design and communications, allowing for academic, knowledge and experience exchange as well as for the discovery of new forms of collaboration that confer benefits on all parties involved.