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  • WEEK 14 | Saturday, 18 November 2017


    access INFO

    The goal of the ACCESO INFO program is to develop and empower CENTRO users’ information skills. The program is part of the Mediateca Media Library user training program and is comprised of the following activities: introductory talks, guided tours and guidance with regard to bibliographic resources and services use.

    Introductory Talks at the Media Library

    Introductory talks at the Media Library are held at the beginning of the semester and seek to establish an initial contact between students and the Media Library. They offer orientation with regard to hours of operation, lending services for students and the main information resources held by the Media Library.

    Interested faculty can request an orientation talk for their students by filling out the form available at the Media Library circulation desk.

    Orientation talks should be requested at least two days in advance. Media Library personnel will contact the faculty member as well the Academic Affairs Office to confirm session scheduling.

    Presentations last approximately fifteen minutes.

    Media Library Guided Tours

    Throughout the semester, both students and faculty can request Media Library guided tours designed for CENTRO students and professors, service and administration personnel, and visiting students, researchers and professors. They are designed to offer users a global vision of the Media Library’s organization and constitutive sections, its physical spaces and its functionality.

    Interested professors, students and visitors may request guided tours at the Media Library circulation desk or by e-mailing their requests to bramirezj@centro.edu.mx.

    Guided tours can be organized on the requested tour date with at least two hours advance notice.

    Tours last approximately fifteen minutes.

    Media Library Bibliographic

    Holdings and Services Use Orientation

    This information session seeks to familiarize Media Library users with its bibliographic holdings and offered services. Training is available with regard to the following:

    1. Library Catalogue Consultation

    Introduction to Media Library services: loans, acquisitions, external document retrieval, access to electronic resources and special areas. Users may ask for a session by completing a request form at the Media Library circulation desk. Media Library personnel will contact applicants to confirm sessions.

    Sessions last approximately forty minutes

    Location: Media Library Master’s Cubicle.

    2. New Faculty Orientation

    Throughout the semester, newly arrived professors may request an information session to familiarize themselves with a number of Media Library services designed to enhance teaching and research tasks. Information is provided on faculty book and periodicals requests, commercial database consultations (ISBN, Amazon and BookFind) external document retrieval services, book and periodical searches in shared catalogues, etc. Faculty may request a session by completing the appropriate forms at the Media Library circulation desk or via the Academic Affairs Office. Library personal will contact faculty members to confirm sessions.

    Sessions last approximately forty minutes.

    Location: Media Library Master’s Cubicle.

    3. Self-Training

    A list of frequently asked questions regarding information services can be consulted via the Media Library’s website at